Creativity in the Classroom

It doesn’t take much to infuse a little bit of creativity into your instruction. A stack of post-it notes can transform your post assessment into post-it assessment. A box of crayons can turn a worksheet into a work of art. Simply allowing your students a bit of flexibility and encouraging them to get creative can create an actively engaged class.

Inspired by several 2017 LOEX presentations that featured creative techniques, (including drawing, bellwork, and low-tech tools) I began thinking about small ways I could try making incorporating creativity into my instruction.

Walking into one of my instruction sessions, someone might wonder why the tables are filled with crayons and colored pencils. I often have something for my students to begin working on immediately when they enter the instruction space. It is generally a list of questions to get them thinking about some of the topics of the session. I ask them to answer with words, illustrations, or even poetry. It sets a tone for the session and has worked well with a variety of students from freshmen to graduate students. I even have had faculty get excited and join in on the fun.

Although creativity is encouraged in my classroom, I allow students to make the choice. For some it is an opportunity to flex their creativity and engage with the material in a new way.

I’d love to hear more about how you have used creativity in the classroom. Comment below or tweet me @librarymedlin!

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