RISE [Race, Identity, & Social Equity] Conference 2019

Here are my presentations for the RISE[Race, Identity, & Social Equity] 2019 conference at Texas A&M University.

A huge thank you to everyone who joined me for a conversation about critical classrooms at Texas A&M.  Here are some of the ideas shared about how to incorporate critical pedagogy into our classrooms:

  • examine topics from multiple sources~ not just one (especially diverse sources)
  • push boundaries
  • facilitate open discussions
  • give students choices

ideas from RISE conferenceHere are some of the resource shared by participants:

If you are looking for diverse resources to incorporate into your classroom, I recommend taking a look at this Diversity and Inclusion Libguide or reaching out to me or your librarian.

Thanks to everyone for joining us for our panel.  If you are interested in working together, just let us know!


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